Thursday, July 26, 2007


Yesterday DH and I went to the gym for the spinning class. It hadn't even started yet when they told us Junior had thrown up. DH went and got the kids while I completed the class. (Go me!) They all came back to pick us up and DH thought that Junior had just spit up due to his reflux. Everything was fine and we went home and DH went to the late spinning class.

This morning about 3 Junior got sick. He only got sick twice and he seems to be doing better. After changing his sheets and clothes and starting laundry I started scrubbing toilets. Nothing says "I love you" more than a clean toilet when you are getting sick. I figured if it is contagious I wanted to be prepared, especially since Abs put Junior's binky in her mouth and Em was drinking out of his sippy cup at school registration yesterday--when will they learn????

Anyway, Junior is napping and no one else is sick--so far so good. Abs starts another acting camp next week and Em goes to Operation Purple next week so we need to be healthy! Not to mention my mom doesn't want to get it!

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