Friday, July 27, 2007


DH and I did go on that bike ride this afternoon. The inlaws kept the children and we went almost 19 miles (18.79 to be exact). I probably could have done more but DH's feet were killing him because of the wrong shoes. We stopped off when we were almost done to look at a house for sale and when I went to get back on the bike I managed to fall. Usually my husband is the one who falls.

My left knee is scratched up and down the front of my shin. I also managed to scratch up my right knee a little and get some bruises. My arm came out the best and was just a little red. My pride was hurt more than anything! DH jumped off his bike and ran back over--I wish he was that attentive when I was having his three children!

I managed to ride back to the house and he doctored me up. I don't know how I managed to fall but at least it wasn't while we were speeding down a hill or something when the injuries could have been worse. I think we will ride again Sunday and hopefully get in 20-25 miles. I just hope I can manage not to kill myself on this bike.

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