Thursday, August 2, 2007


I went to a battalion meeting tonight about NTC and it was pretty informative. It sounds like the training is going to be pretty realistic--they even have hired Iraqis so they can practice the language and culture. They did say no cell phones though, which is a bummer. I can go that long without talking to him, but it never fails when the Soldier deploys something happens or ten somethings. I remember when I sent a letter to Chris after he first deployed to Iraq in 2003. I told him how I quit my job, Abbie ran into a car, one of the kids was sick, I got housing and was moving and a million other things. When he wrote back he said he thought about addressing all the "issues" but figured since it took so long to get the letter that I probably had a whole new set of "issues". He knows me.

Block leave is still scheduled during the time I booked our trip to Hawaii so I am hoping that nothing messes that up. They gave us a two week window for their deployment to Iraq, which I will keep off of here for obvious reasons. They are planning on having a Battalion ball in a few months. The food usually sucks but I love the string of toasts that they give. Almost makes the whole evening worthwhile. They usually honor the fallen Soldiers from the last deployment and that is always an emotional time.

While I was at the NTC meeting DH took Abs and Junior to pick wild mustang grapes that he saw on the side of the fence during PT. Last Tuesday Abs and Em picked some and then my mom and Abs picked a HUGE amount of them. On Sunday my sister taught us how to make jelly so DH is in there picking through the grapes. I didn't pay that close of attention so I am sure it will entail a dozen phone calls along the way. Abs is excited about it though.


Uncle Dan said...

Hey young lady!

How about some pictures of the DC trip? I read your Mom's blog about the mustang grape picking by Ab and making them into jelly. Save some for us next year.

Anonymous said...

You know that if things fall through with Chris I know someone in Houston who would be *very* happy to serve as your tour guide...and she knows all of the fun places to go : )


ABW said...

Uncle Dan, I'm sure we will have enough jelly for you! I'm working on DH to get the pics off the laptop...maybe tonight?

P--hmmmm...sounds good, but I am holding out hope that DH can come! The person can't snore either, I am a light sleeper!