Saturday, September 8, 2007


Since DH is gone so much he misses out on so much with the girls and Junior. When he returned from Iraq last December Junior was just over 5 months old and he had only seen him for the first 13 days of his life. DH carried Junior in and was going to set him down on the ground as I was busy putting down the diaper bag, etc. I heard him ask the girls if he could sit up yet and they told him no. It kind of hit me then how much he had missed out on and how even with pictures, letters and phone calls he still didn't know his own son. We quickly remedied that and he has always been a very involved father with diaper changes, baths, medicines, etc. with each of our three children.

A lot can change in a month. DH left knowing his son and in that month he grew, changed and started new routines. So yesterday he spent the afternoon and evening learning what his son likes and dislikes now. He learned the new way of putting Junior down for the night and (since he still doesn't sleep through the night)what Junior was looking for at each time of the night--bottle, binky, time to wake up. I didn't realize how much Junior had changed during this time. I mean I knew, but I can't imagine what Chris sees when he comes home to such big changes in a little guy. The girls grow up and change a lot but it is not nearly as drastic as Junior. He is climbing on top of the furniture, starting to throw little fits, knows to wait by the door when it is time to go "bye-bye", can work a lot of his toys and much much more.

So when DH leaves soon I will make a point of putting everything down on paper for him, more scrapbooks, and tons more pictures (if that is possible!). I meant to do it last time but ran out of time, but this time I want to do a Year in Review album and put down the highlights of each month at the END OF THE MONTH (and now wait since I know I won't have time to do it then) for him to enjoy.

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Uncle Dan said...

Even when a father just goes to work during the day there is so much that they miss out on, I know I did. Just glad that my military obligation was filled before we had kids.