Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Paperwork and Deployments

Today I had an appointment to get the kids enrolled in Child and Youth Services on post. This will allow the older two to have access to School Age Services if needed and for Junior to be enrolled in hourly daycare and have some interaction with other kids on occasion. I was early for my appointment as I usually am for every appointment--I may not be organized but I am prompt! I actually did have all the paperwork I needed except for the girls' physical. It took more red tape for me to enroll three children than it did for my husband and I to get married and it cost more to enroll them for one year than it cost me to give birth to all three! (Em and Junior were free and Abs cost me $11 for my meals)--it was $40 to register them. We can get that money back if DH gets a letter from his commander stating that he will deploy in less than 90 days. First I told her that it was more than 30 days and then I started to think about it and realized it wasn't. Then it hit me that he was leaving us...again....and he's not even home yet from training and still has another month of field time.

Anyway, because Junior is allergic to eggs they gave me a meal substitute form that I have to get filled out by a doctor and submit before he can be seen at the CDC. I called while she made copies and they said they didn't have the schedule out yet and it would be out later that day. I asked them if he could be seen this week and she said no it would be more like the middle to end of September. So then I told them to book Junior an appointment for his skin problems and he will be seen tomorrow and I'll have the doctor fill out the form. We aren't waiting for a specific doctor, just any random doctor in the Peds clinic. One drawback to military life, but one that usually doesn't bother me too much.

Once all this paperwork is completed and DH deploys I can get 16 free hours of daycare a month and one Saturday a month as well. They have really increased the amount of care, so maybe I can schedule a massage once a month!

I had lunch with the outlaws since my MIL kept Junior this morning for me. Saw the puppies which are going to be huge and cute. I still don't think they need two more dogs, but they don't seem to listen to me....imagine that!

Abs still hasn't had a perfect day at school yet, but she is doing better than I expected and I still have hope that she will get it altogether one day. I hope her teacher realizes what a precious gift she is! Em is doing great and working hard and loving her math class! I never thought I would hear that come out of her mouth, but I bet my dad is smiling hearing that!

Back to the deployment....with it looming around the corner I am going to try to get some free time (yeah right) and start on some of the projects I want to get done before he leaves. I would like to make him a deployment countdown calendar this time (I had intentions last time but with everything else going on it just didn't get done)and of course a scrapbook of our family. I am scheduling family pictures too with a friend of mine who is a great photographer in November and I promise I will get in these!


Uncle Dan said...

When your Dad and I went to HS, I remember that algebra, followed by plain geometry, advanced algebra and then trigonometry at that level. Now our GD C8 had algebra in the 5th grade. As if kids don't grow up so fast now days.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have some things you're supposed to be selling on ebay? maybe even some things you told a friend you would sell for her...a few years ago? That sounds like a good project : )

ABW said...

Believe it or not that is on my list of things to do!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's on the "to do" list... I'm waiting for it to be on the "done" list!