Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Long Weekend

We didn't do anything too exciting, but the kids and I had fun just hanging out, visiting the inlaws (who even kept them for a few hours on Saturday so I could get some things done!), and even got in some shopping.

A word of advice--never take three children swimsuit shopping even if it is 75% off at Dillard's and they have the handicapped dressing rooms that all of you and the stroller will fit into. I did find some good deals as well as got to hear a lot of comments about what I looked like in the bathing suits. They were nice about it all just told me "yes" or "no way". Em kept trying to get me to try on bikinis, but I am in no way prepared for that!

Dh should be home on Saturday morning! I can't wait! His dad is going to pick him up so that I don't have to go out at 2 am to get him. If he had been gone longer than 4 weeks I would have ventured out, but the thought of dragging three children out in the middle of the night just doesn't appeal to me. Junior doesn't sleep as it is, so I don't need to give him a reason to stay awake!

I am trying out this new menu thing where I select my meals, print the grocery list and then just cook them up. Of course everything I selected can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. So far so good.

I've had three friends that had babies this past week--2 boys and 1 girl! My SIL is due any day now with my new little niece. Babies everywhere! Just glad they aren't coming into our family. We are complete!


Anonymous said...

Nothing exciting? Helloooo....Did you forget about Scrabulous already?

ABW said...

I try to forget since I never win! Now play word racer with me so I have a chance.

Anonymous said...

No word racer right now. I still have the crappy mouse and haven't been able to buy a new one. Scarbulous will have to do for a while :)