Thursday, October 4, 2007

Already Thursday?

I remember when it used to take forever for Christmas to come each year and when summer vacation would last forever. Now I turn around and another week has passed and then a year. I'm getting old. What's worse is it means that the girls and Junior are growing up way too fast!

I took Abs to the doctor yesterday and she is going to have to have her tonsils out. They are enlarged and there are some other problems so hopefully their removal and the adenoids removal will clear them up. She is excited about it and looking forward to having ice cream. I'm not going to have it done until right before Thanksgiving though so she won't have to miss as much school.

Em's new furniture arrives next Tuesday and I haven't finished switching out rooms. I thought I could do that this week....I better hurry.

Junior is getting funnier every day. Never a dull moment. He's still asleep this morning, so I think I can actually say he slept through the night again? I guess he didn't know that he was supposed to do this regularly by 15 months, not let this be his 3rd or 4th time.

Gunnery is coming up. Hopefully Chris will get some great pics while he is out there. He is slowly getting better about having someone take pictures of him while he is gone. Reminds me of when the guys went to Iraq the first time and a friend of mine got a roll of film from her husband. We raced over to Walmart to the one hour photo, dropped it off, and waited patiently with all the kids while they were developed. The hour finally ticks by, we pick up the pictures and she is so excited about seeing him (This was in the first 6 months of OIF I when we had no contact but a 10 minute call every few weeks). We searched through all the pictures in order to find her husband and it wasn't hard at all to not spot him since every picture was of the desert! The guy hadn't managed to take one picture of himself! Chris says it is because they don't want to ask. I told him to suck it up, I need pictures. How else will I be able to use all this scrapbooking stuff I keep buying?

The girls start soccer practice tonight. They are excited and I am hoping it means they will go to bed and not talk for an hour. They used to play some game that they made up which was a combination of Deal or No deal and American Idol. Had to put an end to it because every time Abs sang Em would tell her no deal. Poor little kiddo would then cry. Ah sisters, you have to love them!

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rose_michelle said...

I know what you mean about time flying, hopefully it will continue for the next 15 months! I found the easiest way to get pics of my hubby was to talk to other spouses. I have tons of pics of other Soldiers, so we'd just email them to the respective spouse since they all had digital cameras. He had a few taken of him because I told his SIngle Soldiers that if they offered to take a pic of him he would take one of them and they could send it to their parents. WOrked like a charm!