Saturday, October 20, 2007

German Breakfast

When we were stationed in Germany, my mom and dad flew out to spend a few weeks with us in May 1998. Em was about 7 months old at the time and a big, chubby perfect little girl. We lived in Butzbach which was north of Frankfurt and a rather small town. Every morning my parents would load Em up on my dad's back and they would walk downtown and pick up a German breakfast for us to enjoy. They became such regular customers during their visit that when we went on a trip to Austria, the bakery owners told my parents to come around back before we left in order to pick up our morning order. (I do have pictures!)

My in laws used to live in California and they have a huge German store out there with a bakery, deli and restaurant. One of the things that DH's family does is go to German restaurants anytime we go somewhere. (There was a great one we went to in DC with his brother and his wife complete with a woman in a dirndl singing to us while playing her accordion) Anyway, when we would travel out to CA we would go to the German store and get brotchen, ham and bierschinken and some German butter and sit outside and have a picnic.

Now that my in laws live in town, they go to the local German bakery/deli and pick us up breakfast every Saturday morning. They deliver pastries, brotchen, lunch meat, cookies, bread and usually some German crackers or the like for Junior to enjoy. Recently DH told his mom that our waistlines couldn't take much more of eating all this good food on Saturdays. She understood and agreed not to bring any temptations over. Today was to be the first Saturday without our German breakfast.....until my husband called them. We put in our request since they were luckily still on their way out to the bakery. Maybe next Saturday we will be able to be strong and eat plain old cereal....

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Heidi said...

Where is this German bakery place in your town? I want to check it out! Is there a German food restaurant over there?