Sunday, October 14, 2007

Strollers & Puppies

When we were stationed in Germany, we bought a really nice umbrella type stroller. Now 10 years later it has cratered and doesn't steer very well. I have spent the last several weeks reviewing strollers, searching the internet for the best deals and finally today made a decision about what to get. Hopefully it will serve it's purpose and now I can stop cornering moms outside of the schools to find out their opinions on their stroller--which they all loved to give!

Before the internet I would have gone to the store, tried out a couple and then made a quick decision. Now with the abundance of information I spend weeks even months trying to choose something. It took me over a year to pick a car.

On the puppy front, my inlaws have decided that they are going to keep 4 of the 6 puppies and their neighbors are going to take two. Looks like we won't be visiting them anytime soon! I am not a huge dog person, much less to go into a house that has 6 of them. These puppies are going to grow into big dogs and their house is only 1800 square feet. Perfect for a family of two and 2 dogs, but 6? They are already talking about having to replace the carpet and everything that the dogs have already ruined. My MIL mentioned possibly building an air conditioned dog run in the adjoining lot that they own. My FIL mentioned that they might open a dog rescue. I save coupons and donate old towels and pillows to the cause right now.

Wonder how many legs of lamb they will have to cook up each week to keep all those dogs in style?


Anonymous said...

So what stroller did you pick?

dutchgirl said...

Hi there, I'm glad you found me so that I could find you in return!

That's crazy about your ILs! and I thought I kept my dogs ridiculously spoiled! 6 is a few too many dogs for my taste and I am a dog person. At least it will get you out of a few obligatory in-law visits.

Anonymous said...

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