Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nothing says I love you like a clean toilet...

Abs is sick.

The school called after I was already a half hour away at work. I didn't hear my cell so they called my MIL who dropped everything and ran to get her. She called FIL who then got a hold of DH who was headed to the field for the day and couldn't get away. DH got a hold of me, I left to go get Abs with Junior in tow. Got to MIL's house and apparently Abs had thrown up in her car. Poor kiddo. Of course MIL was not bothered by that (maybe 6 puppies prepared her for that?). I have to admit, my MIL would do almost anything for us and I really appreciate that.

I don't do well with sick kids. We came home and got Junior squared away with a bottle and put Abs in the shower. She was cleaned up, put in pj's and into bed with a glass of water and a barf bucket. She's asleep now, which is how I know she is really sick. Usually Abs will urp once if she has strep, but she rarely throws up more than that. She doesn't even sleep at night, so for her to take a nap during the day definitely means she is under the weather.

Luckily we are close to school so we called and Em is walking home and we have nothing else planned for the rest of the day.

I have scrubbed the toilets, washed the towels and blankets to make sure we had plenty, chicken soup is on the stove and DH who ended up not having to go to the field for the day is coming home with sprite during his lunch.

Maybe we can make it through this. I'm just glad DH is here and I don't have to do it alone.

Update: It's after 5 and Abs is still sick. Poor kiddo. My usually bouncing off the walls strong willed child has been lying in bed all day with no complaints and taken two naps. I've put us all on the sick diet just in case. Em hates it when I do this!


Uncle Dan said...

I feel sorry for all y'all, especially Abs. Lots of love!

ZJ said...

Times like this is worrying for mothers... I hope your she gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

What is "the sick diet"? I obviously don't do that here, but maybe I should put it into practice.

ABW said...

Basically we go on a diet of clear liquids. We had chicken broth soup, crackers, toast and sprite mixed with gatorade for dinner. That way if you get sick you had something in your tummy that was less upsetting, hopefully was already absorbed and therefore less messy to clean up, and hopefully made sure you had enough fluids in you before you got sick. Yes, I put way too much thought into being sick!

TripleE said...

Get well soon Abs.
Sounds like you have great in-laws.