Wednesday, November 21, 2007


There's no place like home.

After traveling all night, we were more than happy to come home and see the children and get showers and a good meal. Thanks for the soup mom!

The kids were happy to see us....Abs was of course in her room having a time out. I have to work today and DH is taking all the kids to the zoo and for a picnic.

Junior got into bed with us this morning and it was so nice having him curl up next to me and throw his little arms around me. I sure missed him and he of course grew half an inch in the last 11 days! I couldn't wait till the girls got up this morning either.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have plenty for which to be thankful about.


Uncle Dan said...

Welcome home kiddo's, Hawai'i will be one place you'll always remember. Just close your eys and remember.

Anonymous said...

Where are the turkey day and reunion stories? Get writing!!!