Monday, November 19, 2007


What a whirlwind of a trip! We could barely walk into the hotel this afternoon because we were so sore. Dh twisted his ankle, but the hike was beautiful! We went early enough to avoid any crowd of people coming along with us. We got some great pictures...over 600. Every once in a while we threw one of us in front of the camera for the fun of it.

It started out an easy hike, then we had to throw in a little rock climbing where the road was destroyed due to a mudslide. We managed though and found one hidden cache. We saw a cave but were too chicken to explore it. We entered into the albatross sanctuary and saw tons of them all over the place. They also had seabirds nesting. The biggest surprise was when we went down by the point (the Western most point on Oahu) and found two seals sunning themselves.

The water was calm on one side of the point and white caps on the other. We found a blowhole and stopped by on the way to the hike to visit a Hawaiian Heiau. The Heiau was originally built for planting but they eventually turned it into a temple for the war god, and it is thought that King Kamehameha made human sacrifices there. You could just walk around the outside of it, and they had a strange tiki looking thing on the sacrifice table--kind of reminded me of the idol that the Brady's found on their Hawaiian vacation which brought bad luck! Please tell me that someone else remembers that episode besides my little sister!

Anyway, we had dinner tonight at Senor Frog and watched the young Japanese guys sitting next to us drink about three mixed drinks, a few beers and take shots from the shot lady when they were handing out free ones. They of course took their "hang loose" photos--I think every Japanese tourist is told to make the "hang loose" sign in every single picture that they take here!

We fly out tomorrow night but have more than enough time tomorrow to hit a few more things before we leave. I don't plan on any hiking though, so we can make it through the airport when we have our connecting flight.


I can't wait to see the girls and Junior!!! (you too mom!)

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Uncle Dan said...

Welcome home. Now, who's cooking Thanksgiving dinner?