Friday, November 23, 2007

Walk to Iraq and Back & Thanksgiving

I was looking at the local website for 4th ID and I saw that they were having a program where you can walk to Iraq and back in support of your Soldier. Add me to the list that will be doing it!

Check it out here.

Anyone else game?

Thanksgiving was good. Have to do it again on Sunday with the outlaws. Blech. Only so much turkey I can eat! At least they are coming over here for the festivities and cooking since they know I won't eat in small house with 6 big dogs that have run of the house. I wouldn't be able to eat!

They also don't make comments about my weight as someone in my family did today. I just don't get it....


Butterfly Wife said...

Walk thing sounds like a nice idea.

I can't believe someone commented on your weight. Do they think you are too thin or something?

Uncle Dan said...

Hey, it wasn't me.

After nearly 47 years of marriage to ME, I know what to say and when to do it.

Anonymous said...

I'm in! That is if miles run in Misery(oops meant Missouri) will count! 1 of my running partners is married to a soldier who just returned from Iraq and my other running partners brother is wounded warrior who has been home almost a year. I know they would also like to get involved as well!

I just think this is a brilliant idea!

ABW said...

BW--Too thin? I wish!

Catherine--I'm counting on the St Louis crew! This will be fun.

Chard said...

Turn side ways. Where did you gooooooo?

rose_michelle said...

Our who Brigade is doing it. It started this month, but we're going to have a BIG kickoff in January once things settle. Keep me posted an I'll do the same.