Sunday, January 20, 2008


I finished my first hat (instead of studying, but that's on the agenda for today). It's not perfect since I didn't use the correct yarn and couldn't finish it off like I wanted, but at least I have one down....many more to go. My MIL will be happy I made something else and my mom said "Now the heads on the warm necks can be covered....".

The girls think it is great and have put in their requests.

Erin said she could teach me how to make socks so I can tell you what everyone is getting this Christmas, lol. For Em, the crazier the better.
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Gunner said...

Everyone but Gunner

Anonymous said...

Hey! You changed the picture. Gunner was here last night- multiple views even. Why did you take his pic down? Maybe I should post one of him in a hat and put a link to the pic in the comments.....I do have an interesting one of him in his Stetson : )

P.S.- Send him a pink one next Christmas. I'm sure the color is why he said "Everyone but gunner"

Anonymous said...

Ooops. The Gunner in hat pictures were emailed last night. I checked my email and the blog after a night of cosmopolitans with the neighbors. I guess I forgot where I saw them :)

Catherine said...

Very Cute!!!! Did I mention my favorite colors are Hot Pink and Lime Green?

Erin said...

You name the time, I'll be ready with dpns. :)

ABW said...

We should do it while I still have someone to watch the kiddos. What the heck is dpns? What is my supply list? Knitting is far more fun than studying.