Thursday, February 7, 2008

No, oh no

Woe is me.


Uncle Dan said...

RR where are you when we need you?

Anonymous said...

Maybe since your top choices keep quitting the race you should switch sides. Do you think you could get Billary to give up if you made her your favorite?

Erin said...

I know. First Fred, now Romney. The prospects are getting worse and worse.

ABW said...

Switch sides??? Are you kidding me????

Whoever loses the democratic primary needs to run as an independent. Then McCain can win.

I'll ponder it more when I hit the gym this morning.

dutchgirl said...

I've now become one of those "crazy" McCain people, probably because I am more of a moderate. It's disappointing no doubt, but I don't get why people keep talking like it would be preferable to have Hillary or Obama. Scary stuff.

cj said...

I'm with you on this one. I couldn't believe he quit.

McCain? Is that the best we have?

I want RR back, too!