Monday, February 4, 2008


Today I was a reading teacher. I loved it. Tomorrow it is first grade...wish my luck, lol. I am hoping since it is the 100th day of school that there will be plenty to keep them busy.

Em saw the ortho doctor today and she has to stay in her boot for the next month, on crutches for a while, and then she can walk more on it with very little pressure. I sure hope this heals and is not a problem for her big trip this summer with my mom!

Gunner took Em to the doctor and he said that the doctor was a jerk! He was really nice to Em and to him, but to his staff he was yelling and barking orders. One of the nurses came in and said "I hate mondays." The doctor told her to get a job at the hospital (he's in the clinics). Sad to think that people put up with this or have to. I had a horrible boss once and it made life miserable. Not to be confused with the great boss I have now. Hi Mom!

I went to body pump and body step tonight. I might not be able to move tomorrow. Maybe the class can count the 100 bones that creak when I try to move about the classroom.

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