Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blogging for Peanuts

Just realized that I have been blogging for a year, yesterday.

I'm headed out on an adventure with Abs today and Erin and her family. Then biofeedback at 3. Never a dull moment.

When I woke up Abs this morning and reminded her that we were going on a big adventure, she told me "yeah, right!". That's the same thing she said last time too. This one should be more interesting for her, although I don't know how she can think that estate sales, etc aren't fun.

...I was dressed and ready to go and then spilled breakfast all down the front of my shirt. I can't even blame it on the kids this time.


Uncle Dan said...

You are quite the Blogger, young lady. I really appreciate it as I don't have to write many long emails now, only when necessary.

kbug said...

Estate sales!!! I want to go... :) I'm sorry to hear that your hubby has been deployed again, but then, my son will be headed that way again this summer. It's a never-ending cycle it seems, but we Army wives and mothers will make it through. This time I have the birth of his first baby to look forward to. I hope he makes it home on leave in time for the would mean the world to Katie.

Hope your day with Abs is a great one..... :)