Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wrong Major

I should have been a Physical Therapist.

We waited a year for Abs to get into PT. Finally in December after being on the list at three clinics, we got into one. She loves it and has done really well, but still has a ways to go--gross motor skill delay. Last week the therapist told me that her contract was up so Abs would be without a therapist. She is back on the waiting list till they hire someone, till they find her a spot at the neighboring clinic or we move her somewhere else.

I asked her for some recommendations of what to do and got a two page print out with some ideas. We work on some things already at home, building her core muscles and increasing her strength and coordination. Now I will just have to do double duty.

I was talking to another woman in there who is an ER nurse but can't work because her daughter has a communication disorder and requires lots of appointments. She wasn't complaining, but she was also frustrated that her daughter's speech therapist quit and she was without someone to fill that void. Finally frustrated she found a school in Austin that specializes in communication disorders and was moving there a few weeks before her husband deployed so that she could have the resources available to her. It's very tempting. I just want Abs to get the help she needs in order to make sure that she doesn't get further behind. Once her gross motor skills catch up then we can focus on her fine motor skills, which means appointments with an OT. If we can find the meantime I'll just follow the list I was given and work with Abs every night and hopefully she won't get further behind while I scour the ends of the earth for a PT that accepts Tricare.

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rose_michelle said...

That's one of the down sides to miltiary installations ... they are so far from some of the help Family needs. I have a friend who drives 3 hours round trip 3 times a week.