Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!

After my dad passed away, my entire family did the LIVESTRONG challenge in Austin. While coming home from the event, Abs was riding with my mom and her Uncle G. This is what Uncle G told me happened.

Abs: We celebrate Lincoln's birthday and he's dead?

Uncle G: Yes

Abs: We celebrate George Washington's birthday and he's dead?

Uncle G: Right.

Abs: How come we can't celebrate Grandpa's birthday?
Uncle G: Why not? Of course we can!

So on March 17th, we get together and celebrate my dad's birthday. This year my mom is coming over and we will get some things done that we are working on and then grill fajitas.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Uncle Dan said...

We'll be with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

That generated a totally spontanious "Awwwww". Kids are the BEST at reminding you to look more broadly:)


Anonymous said...

We're having Dad's famous chicken fajitas and bday cake, too. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Anonymous said...

Stories like this are what you need to remember when Abs cuts Ems creations while she showers, floods the bathroom, etc. She has a truly wonderful and unique perspective on life.

Anonymous said...

We ate on real plates instead of paper ones for supper tonight in honor of Dad and no one licked their fingers;) I wore his green short sleeved Eddie Bauer button down to work.

Butterfly Wife said...

Very nice. I hope you all had a wonderful day.