Friday, May 9, 2008

Still around...

I'm waiting for a big thunderstorm to come. There's thunder and lightening and Abs just came out and said "Bet you wish you had a clean garage now, since I am almost positive that it will hail." Yep, I've given birth to a little me.

Talked to Gunner the other day and convinced him to get off of messenger and call me. He did and was complaining about no mail. We finished up our call and he went back to find 7 boxes on his bed waiting. He should call more often! Thanks so much for all the things that y'all have sent and the letters too. The guys in his room were very appreciative as well since he always shares. Everything will be put to good use.

Today was career day at school. Abs went as...surprise...a paleontologist. Em went as a pop star. I asked her if she really wanted to be a pop star and she told me "Don't worry mom, I already graduated from college and have a degree in business so no one will rip me off!". Maybe not everything I say falls on deaf ears.

Erin and I are registered for our next 5k. Run with the Rovers. As long as I beat our previous time, I'm good. I don't have a dog, but Junior can growl.


Jessica said...

I love your daughter's pop star comment that was too CUTE! Training em well mom! See, not everything we tell them goes in one ear and out the other! That was CLASSIC!! HUGS!

Uncle Dan said...

Love those girls, as well as all y'all.

Abbey ("reality") P said...

Yea that I missed the thunderstorm! Was it bad? When we drove through Marble Falls, we literally saw a storm explode right in front of us. The girls thought it was cool.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

New Mexico has some wicked thunderstorms - I bet yours are pretty awesome too. There is NO WAY we could get a vehicle in the garage right now - it's so full of boxes it's not even funny. In fact when I think about it, it makes my stomach hurt. We are all kinds of having a garage sale!

Your kids crack me up! Sure sounds like it's never boring at your house! Mine either :)