Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


The girls wanted their dad up for WW. This was taken in Hawaii. I miss this face.
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Beckaboo said...

Awww... Hope you see him again soon!
Blessings, Beckie :o)

Amy, A Redeemed Sheep said...

Thank you for serving our country. As soon as I post, I will pray for you, your soldier and family.

trying said...

what a great wordless wednesday!

sandy's notes said...

Thank you for being a brave mom and woman, thank your kids too, they are extra special in my book.

Please thank your husband for serving our country and making it safer for us all. May he and the men and women he's with be held safely in the arms of angels.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I bet you do. And I bet he misses your face just as much. I have a whole lot of respect for you! I pretty much thin you're awesome :)


Anonymous said...

Please tell your children thank you for sharing their dad with us while he does his important mission. It means so much to us!

And thank you for being so supportive of your husband. I can't imagine what you must go through.

Your family is in our prayers continuosly. My church has prayer warriors dedicated to praying for our men and women serving our country.

Thank you!

Sandy M said...

He'll be home soon. He is in my prayers. Great pic. Happy WW.

Cyndy said...

Thank you for your sacrifice. May God bless you and protect your soldier.

Michelle said...

I know it's hard, although I can only imagine what it's like having a child to take care of too. It was hard enough just with myself. I will be praying that his time away goes quickly for you all.

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

My Dear,
I am the proud daughter of both a WWII and Korean War vet.
I'm thankful that your husband is serving his country FOR US.
Tell your SWEET children THANK YOU for sharing her Daddy to help protect us and many others too.
I thank God that your husband is kept safe while away. And those that he's serving with as well. That you and your children are kept safe in the arms of the Lord also.
I ask the Lord to offer all of you His Peace and sweet rest during this time of your life....and always.
Kindest Regards,
Sharon Russell

MaryLu said...

Nothing can express those feelings of missing a husband when he's gone. Keeping you guys in prayer.
(I used to go into Bear's closet and just breathe in his scent.)
Missing him hurts.

Uncle Dan said...

Well, it's off to send another box to Gunner & his buddies tomorrow, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. As a now retired military spouse. I can understand the missing them.
Thank You for all the sacrifices your family is making.