Friday, July 11, 2008

The difference 15 years makes

15 years ago on a friday night I would have:
just woken up from a nap
called some friends
made plans
gotten dressed
gone to dinner
gone out
come home late
sleep in
spend the next day studying

this friday night:
picked up two kids from daycare
made dinner
changed a poopy diaper--it's bad I am hoping it doesn't mean the sick diet is around the corner for the rest of us
cleaned the fridge
read stories
put kids to bed
started on homework

How has your life changed in 15 years?


Reasa said...

Not to much, just added more Kiddos to the bunch:)

Susan said...

15 years ago, married to a total jerk... Friday night, probably home alone wondering, but not really caring where he was or when he would come home, and hoping he wasn't too angry/mean/drunk when he did get home.
I'm a totally different person now. (left that jerk about 14 years ago) and happier than I ever thought I would be.
poopy diapers and all (if I can keep the diaper on the little guy)

Gypsy at heart said...

Still studying....some things don't change

liberal army wife said...

wouldn't be in DC, that's for sure! Still in MN, himself in the Guard, maybe... Kid would be in the depths of the insanity that IS a teenage boy doing the Goth thing, moody, cranky... a teenager.

Now - Metro home, go to O club for not so good seafood night, come home, talk to grandbaby on the phone who JUST got the Elmo CD (with her name inserted into the songs etc) I ordered.


ABW said...

Gypsy aka Mom, I'm sure I study a little bit harder these days! And don't worry, when I said I went out, I am sure it was to a book club or a guest speaker, I was a good Baylor kid, lol.

Susan, we had that problem with Abs. It was extremely messy and I thought it would never end. I hope that I paid my dues with her and that Junior will be easy.

Reasa, sometimes I find it hard to believe that I have three kids, and other times I wonder what I was thinking? I wouldn't change them though!

LAW--I am dreading the teenage years!!! I wonder where I will be in 15 more years.....hmmm.....

Anonymous said...

15 years ago, I was a month from my wedding to a cute sailor. Actually living in the same town I am now. 15 years later, still married to the cute sailor only now we have 3 kids. One of them entering the teenage years. So far so good, but it is early yet. :)

Catherine said...

well since we were roommates 15 years ago I guess I was up tothe same things as you :P

15 years later are lives are still similar but I dont have anyone still in diapers and I havent gotten up the nerve to head back for my PhD yet so no studying for me!