Saturday, July 12, 2008

News from England

Not being able to talk to Em while she is in England, is killing me! I'm curious to know about everything she is doing and her reaction to everything....okay maybe I would get more information from talking to my mom. My mom updated her blog and there are a few stories about their trip so far.....Read here. In one email my mom reported that the other day three little boys were fighting to sit next to Em. She's oblivious to it all, so don't worry Gunner!


Anonymous said...

I think it is just great the things your mom does with her grandkids . . . my grandparents did nothing with or for me and they lived in the same town. I think Em will always remember these special trips but when is your mom taking Abs on a trip abroad, lol! Do the kids have to be a certain age . . . now that would make a great show.

ABW said...

My grandparents didn't do anything like this either, which is one of the reasons she does it. I know Abs is ready for a trip, but I don't think that the world abroad is ready for Abs! One thing is for sure, she would make a friend everywhere she went.

Hmmmm.....maybe they need to do a tv show on Abs abroad. She has been wanting to go to Greece and to Pompeii.

Uncle Dan said...

ABW, I thought you kids visited your Dad's Mom for a week or so during different a summer and visited places in the west. Did I remember wrong?