Friday, May 16, 2008

Frantic Friday?

This morning I had a massage scheduled. I was tempted to call a friend and let her have it since I didn't feel like going. But, since she has been sick off and on, I wasn't sure she could use it so I went. Boy was I glad I did. I didn't really want to lie down for an hour and a half, but it was well worth it.

I came home, relaxed, talked to Gunner, then decided to make this for my lunch and dinner.

Best laid plans of mice and men. The school called and Abs had a fever. Turns out she has an ear infection and her throat was red, and it could have meant strep, but since they were treating the ear infection, the strep test didn't make much sense. So then I called the after school program, they said they would take Em, so I called the school and had a message passed on. Abs and I went to the doctor, then to Sam's to get her prescription filled. I needed toilet paper, but as usual came out with a whole lot of other "needs" too. Never fails.

I am home for a bit so I can finish cooking my lunch/dinner, then get the kids. Pizza Party at Girl Scouts tonight, but Abs will stay home with me.

My hope is that since Junior is on antibiotics for his ear and they just ended last night, that he will be okay. Em is on antibiotics for a UTI. I don't have time to be sick, I have a meeting on Monday and need to take a dessert and a salad. I sure hope they like store bought!


trying said...

geez... it seems like a good thing that everyone in your house is on meds right now! i hope that soon enough you are all healthy.

germ magnets i tell ya. kids are cute but darn germ magnets.

Uncle Dan said...

How was the Stir-Fry?

Speaking of germ magnets, wait until you get into the classroom as a teacher, they love to share.

Jessica said...

OH! Poor girl! I sure hope that she feels better soon! Poor mom too! There is nothing worse than having your babies sick! MMM! The pizza party sounds good. LOL! I have been trying to keep with the healthy thing for a few weeks now but I have been craving pizza so so badly! MMM!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

The massage sounded wonderful! It sounds like it was quite a Friday for you - whew! I was exhausted just from reading about your day :)

I'd have to agree - mama's just don't have time to be sick. I hope you stay healthy!

Did you like the stir-fry? I always get nervous when other people make one of my recipes. I hate to disappoint!