Monday, January 19, 2009

It really does happen....

My friend Abbey came over last night to hang out for a bit. During this time Abs made a huge black circle on her forehead and filled it in with the dry erase markers that I still hadn't hidden. While I was outside talking to Abbey as she was leaving I heard a lot of screaming. I go running in to find the toilet overflowing. Got that taken care. Changed a poopy diaper--the boy can tell me that he has pooped and is leaking but can't tell me that he needs to go to the bathroom, go figure.

Today we headed to the gym bright and early so I could get daycare. I ran. I stepped. I had training. I am sore.

I put Junior down for a nap thinking that the search for shoes for all three kids would be much easier if they were all fed and rested. I even got a long nap. I packed snacks and loaded up all the kids to head out. I got my eyebrows waxed, with Abs holding my hands and telling me to squeeze if it hurt. Finished up there and headed to Kohl's to check for any good deals on shoes.

We couldn't head straight to the shoes without perusing through the clothes, purses, socks, toys, kid's clothes and clearance racks. Managed to find Junior and Em shoes despite the screaming that ensued when Junior wasn't allowed to try on the pink fur lined boots (no apple bottom jeans either). Made it out of there with all my hair intact and the kids still alive.

Feeling brave, I decided we should head to the mall and see if we could buy any shoes for Abs. We checked Dillards and found some cute boots for her but no tennis shoes--they only need to be no-tie and not pink, plus meet the dress code requirements. It's not an easy task. Headed to Gap Kids and found two pair of pants for her. Decided the girls needed hair cuts, so we walked by Aeropostale (sp?) and Em needed jeans so we ducked in there. Found two pairs of jeans on clearance and added a hoodie to the mix.

We headed down to the hair place and found that they were booked unless I wanted to wait an hour, which with three hungry children sounded less than appealing. Since we had polished off all the snacks we headed home to a delicious dinner of oatmeal and bananas....again. Hey, it was their request!

It's back to work for me tomorrow. I'm sure the other teachers won't be half as entertaining as this crew....

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The Mrs. said...

I too took the bunch to the mall today. If only we lived closer we could take them ALL at the sametime. And get kicked out. At the sametime!