Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still alive...

Report cards went out yesterday. No parents came after me or anything, so I assume all is well.

I went to dinner with the outlaws tonight and I was being good, until they delivered my grilled tilapia and there was a hair on there. She had just set the plate down too, so she apologized and whisked it away. The manager came out and apologized, but the damage was done when I ate Ab's french fries. My meal was pretty healthy, but then Junior got a cookie monster and I had to help him finish it off. Oh well, I will hit the gym hard tomorrow and run twice as far and twice as hard.

I'm thankful that tomorrow is the last day of school for the week. I am worn out!

The girls are in the midst of selling Girl Scout cookies. I always hated selling cookies when I was little. I had to go with my little sister who was a cute little brownie and I was a junior. I see the girls having to do the same thing, so we just pre-ordered a case of peanut butter sandwiches and a case of thin mints. Worst case scenario I buy them all and hope that people run out and want them?

I met with my trainer last night and I am super sore today. That's a good thing though. My MIL is going to come watch the kids on Wednesdays when I have training, but I will have to hope for a spot in the daycare on Mondays. Let's hope the new years resolutions people start dropping off.

Junior is still sporting his black eye, and daycare thinks he has ringworm so I am doctoring that. Thank goodness that we had the stuff from other treatments of the girls. We really aren't dirty people!

I've booked haircuts for the girls, and my FIL to babysit Junior for an hour on Saturday. I need a haircut too, but I think I will wait till Gunner is home and I won't have to worry about rushing home. I still want a week in a hotel with no phones or contact with the outside world...maybe.

The kids are finally nestled in bed, and after the tantrum that Abs threw at the restaurant, I was more than ready to tuck her cute little button nose into bed. At dinner tonight my inlaws also mentioned that when Gunner comes home they want to keep all three kids overnight for us. I don't think the kids or Gunner will have any part of that. Nice of them to offer, but if anyone is not staying in that house the first night, it will be me because I finally fell into a deep sleep after I parked the car in the driveway. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love that first night home because it is usually the first night of deep sleep in a long, long, long time. And if any of Gunner's kids wake up that night, I will push him out of bed to take care of it, and then curl back up and go to sleep. I hope he doesn't wake me up when he finally gets back in bed!

We really do miss you Gunner!!!


Gunner said...

Yeah, I known. You miss me on most of the days that end with a "Z". lol, I miss you too.

Dana said...

Awww. Reading you deal with all things kids during the deployment frankly scares the crap outta me!

It's great that you are so matter of fact and just keep rolling with it though. I am sure he will be more than happy to take control of the kiddos when he gets home.

I love that you mention going away for a week alone after he gets home. I have thought that I may do the same once mine leaves and returns and wondered if I am horrible for thinking that way. Glad to know if I am horrible I am not the only one!

P.S. I am going to stop writing a book for a comment, but I do believe the husband and I would LOVE some cookies. My kid isn't in scouts this year and it is depressing to think of a year without cookies!

Teresa said...

Oh no is it girl scout cookie time? lol

I am glad things are keeping busy for you!

Abbey said...

OK girl.. the Donut of Misery says that we have:
1.51 months left
6.49 weeks
45.43 days
1090.38 hours
65,422.80 minutes
But who's counting, right??

By the time that you read this, those numbers will be less so yea to that!
I'm jealous that your losing weight and I'm not.
I finally had the plumber out ($85 an hour and he was here for 5 minutes. 5 minutes!)

We're getting close. No more mail being sent and you know that means close. Will you still talk to me when they get back???? lol.

DarryleP said...

I really admire you for writing this blog and for your wonderful attitude. My daughter is married to a soldier stationed at Ft. Bliss returning for his second deployment this spring. They have no kids and reading what you wrote about how well you are handling your children alone makes me filled with admiration and hope. And that picture of your son is gorgeous. Health and happiness to your family.

Elizabeth Norton said...

Thanks for being a strong women and sacrificing your time with your hubby so he can protect our country.