Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stupid People

They hired this new girl at the gym daycare. I don't like her. She is totally incompetent. Today she booted Junior from the daycare for hitting. I understand that and asked what led up to the hitting so I could figure out what I could do to eliminate the problem. Her response "I can't watch everyone, but a kid was crying and he was holding a spatula." Are you kidding me? Did Junior take the spatula? Are you sure he hit him? Why didn't he use it on the dumb girl instead? I was furious, so instead of arguing I decided to leave since Junior was booted anyway. While I was putting on Junior's shoes, I had to inform them that they needed to watch the kids more closely because one of them escaped and was headed out the door--he was about 2 and was out there with me for about 15 minutes. If I didn't have personal training I would be going somewhere else right about now.

The outlaws brought us our German breakfast this morning and later are coming over to watch Junior while I take the girls to get their hair cut. I am getting Abbie's chopped off. She wants it chin length, but I don't think I can go that short. Em wants hers above her shoulders.

Em spent the night with a friend last night and when they answered the door, I thought the mom was her big sister. Made me feel old....really old.....

No word from Gunner lately. He called Wednesday morning as I was running around trying to get everyone ready to walk out of the door because we were running late. He was supposed to call back, but nothing yet.

I don't know any of my neighbors, but my next door neighbor came over to tell me that my car was in the driveway with the hazards going. I should have checked everything after Abs popped her head in the front before getting out of the car, while I was freeing Junior from the confines of his carseat. I'll add that to my checklist before we get out of the car now.

So no workout today or tomorrow, but I have training on Monday, if I can get daycare. Ugh, I think this just causes more stress, but I have to go and want to go. I just need a nanny I guess.

...Gunner is on the phone right now and just told me he *only* gets 8 hours of sleep a night, but it's not "restful". What the heck is 8 hours and who the heck has "restful" sleep in this house? Good thing I kinda like the guy, or I'd wring his neck right now.


Uncle Dan said...

From the subjects of your Blog now, it seems that the teaching job has turned out OK, not like Erin.

cj said...

Well, that sort of 'proof' would work well in my line of work... Idiots are everywhere. I'm glad you heard from Gunner, in spite of his comment.

Oh, and I don't know if you 'do' blog awards but you were the first person I thought of when I was nominated for a recent one. You can find the details over at No partcipation necessary but I wanted you to know about it.


cj said...

Well, geez. It may be a sign that I have one too many blogs...

But the award is over at:

And it's still sincerely meant!


The Mrs. said...

only eight hours?! I'm jealous. Sometimes I feel like I need a deployment to get caught up on sleep and quiet time around here.