Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I waited 45 minutes tonight to get into the daycare at the gym. Finally got a spot for my plethora of children, and I hit the treadmill. I was about 25 minutes into my run, when my trainer came over to tell me that I was needed in the daycare.

On the bright side, Abs did not flood anything, but instead Junior bit somebody. So we got kicked out of the daycare for the rest of the evening. I hope he doesn't do this when I have a training session, or I am out big bucks!

Ab's PT & OT got canceled on Tuesday so we spent the evening at the gym and I went back to spinning. The lady was really nice, but not the best class I have been to. Gunner and I used to go all the time to spinning and then ride on Saturday. Oh the plans I have when he gets home! That's assuming that HIS son will behave himself.

Life is busy with all of us back at school. I have class this weekend and I am sure I'll get piled high with papers and everything else. I haven't even bought my books or picked up my parking permit, but I've got two days still, what's the rush!


The Mrs. said...

ah the joys of biters. dash-2 likes a good chomp.

hope it passes soon!

cj said...

You know, I know this won't help in the least... in fact, it's probably the last thing you need to hear but you've got me channeling my mother at the moment.

She, the stoic old Finn that she was, told my sister when her kids were little the following words of wisdom:

When they're little, you have little problems; when they're big, you hae big problems...

I have no idea if that was encouragement or a curse but the sister's been pretty lucky and not had the big problems. I hope the same for you.