Thursday, January 8, 2009

More random thoughts from me!

--Em got invited to go to the movies for a friend's birthday--she told me it was next weekend. The mom called today and it is this weekend, so I am frantically trying to rearrange plans since I have class. We have it worked out--I think, and everyone is happy.

--Went to the dinner with the outlaws tonight, always an adventure.

--The clinic where Abs has PT called today and they had a lot of cancellations and told me I could take Abs in early if I wanted. Sounded good to me. I rushed around, went to my meeting, dropped off one kid, picked up another, drove here, drove there, and managed to arrive 5 minutes earlier than usual. I tried. The therapist tries to do things that not only strengthen Abs, but also tire her out. I hope it worked tonight. (Update: It did not work, the kid was up from 2 am on. I took her lightbulbs away, and she played quietly in the dark till about 5:30 when she started in on the opera singing)

--I'm starting to get new car fever. It's not going to happen for a long time though. It took me two years to pick out the highlander. Maybe in another 10 years.

--For some reason I always get a hole in the part of my right sock, by my big toe. Maybe I secretly have a vicious toenail?

--Ab's physical therapist recommended that she get into karate or tae kwon do. She said that is the best exercise to maintain Ab's development of her gross motor skills, and continue strengthening her core muscles which is the problem. Probably not a bad thing to do for her, so I will check into it...when Gunner is home.

--If I could wear jeans to work every day, life would be good.

--I didn't hit the gym today and I missed it--Would love a good run right about now.

--My sister and I had a cat when we were little and we named it Piffles. How in the heck did we come up with that? It had 4 kittens that we named Miss Piggy, Wobbly (she was never the same after the accident), Nibbles and Tiger. My mom kept putting them in a plastic Girl Scout cup trying to take a picture for the Girl Scout calendar. This was before digital cameras so I think we have about 3 rolls of these kittens and a cup.

--When I was little, my parents had cattle. My sister named the bull, Horny. She also had fish named Salt and Pepper that she accidentally boiled to death in warm water.

--I was a swimmer in high school.

--I went to a Michael Jackson concert on his "Bad Tour". I still like his old stuff.

--I saw the B-52's in concert and I still like them.

--I was on the sailing team in college and it is how I met one of my best friends, Dave. We haven't seen each other in about 5 years, but we still talk almost every day. We lived together shortly before I married Gunner and he was actually one of Gunner's groomsmen.

Most of these I wrote last night and got sidetracked and never posted it. I thought I lost it when Abs was on my computer at 2, trying to play Wedding Dash-2, my latest addiction. I'm sure you are relieved to know that it wasn't lost!


Uncle Dan said...

Much information about you!

Teresa said...

I love reading these kind of things because it is like the little facts you have no idea about, but are very itneresting haha :)

I hope dinner with the in-laws was a good adventure!

. Becca . said...

Hi! Just droppin' in to check out your blog :) Comments from visitors are always nice, eh?

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Dave is an awesome guy!