Saturday, March 28, 2009


Gym...check--wanted to do my long run this morning, but this smelly guy came in around mile 3 and I couldn't hack it.

Study group....check--great to see my friends, catch up, study, and realize that we are all in the same boat.

Baby shower present...check--why are baby things so expensive?

Cats overfed...check--My friend Mel is at a conference and asked me to overfeed her cats. While she was gone over Christmas I thought I was supposed to give them two cans of food each. Not so apparently. No wonder the litterbox was always full.

Waiting to go to baby shower so I still have to wrap the presents. I am not artistic so I dread trying to make my gift look like something other than what the cat dragged in. I'm hoping that Gunner will help me out there.

The girls were dropped off with my mom, and Gunner even made an additional round trip so that Abs would have her medicine.

.....Home from the baby shower. Junior found a snake on a walk with Gunner. It was small and squished and he wanted to save it to show me. A sign of what is to come? At least it was dead.

I was going to go back to the gym this evening and they closed at 8. Do they think everyone in Killeen goes out or something? I was looking forward to another run, a swim, and a trip to the sauna. Instead Abbey and I have scheduled a trip tomorrow. I guess I can have an exciting evening of grading papers, putting together centers, entering grades and doing laundry. I do have a couple of movies that I want to watch with Gunner, so I guess we'll fit that in somewhere.

Night 1 of Junior in his Thomas bed went well, but so far night two isn't going as well. One more week till the serious potty training adventure begins!


jlc said...

Babies ARE expensive! Wow looks like you've got a lot done missy. :)

Anonymous said...

Snakes are only one sign - you'll know you've made it when you find it in the bottom of the dryer with rocks and sticks and rubber bands...


Teresa said...

Hopefully Junior gets the hang of his new bed soon :)

So much going on like usual! You are one busy bee :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Hey! We drove through some town right next to Killeen last night. Stopped at a Starbucks with a Chipotle right next to it. I have heard of Chipotle but never seen one before :) I went in and scope it out but didn't get anything... Is that weird?

Oh, and some random gas station on the way to the big highway so we could turn the baby's car seat back to rear facing. It didn't help in the fussing department much but it was worth the try!