Thursday, March 26, 2009

Half Day

I am taking half a day off tomorrow and I can't wait. I can't decide between napping or doing something more constructive. I asked Gunner if he got off early if he would want to go for a run or a bike ride. Hearing those words, he told me he might be working late. Am I wearing him out?

I hit the gym tonight and while talking to a fellow teacher I did 40 minutes on the stairmaster. Then I ran two miles, and hit the weights. I ended with a stint in the sauna and returned home to three kids in bed.

I kissed the kids and then redressed naked Junior while talking to my sister. We cannot keep clothes on the boy. Even a sleeper on backwards is no match for Junior Houdini. He doesn't even unzip it, so no telling how we can keep him dressed.

I've recruited 5 other teachers to do the 10K with us on the 11th. Good times I tell ya!


Nikki said...

LOL@ Junior Houdini. I must be a nitz because I always wondered why people put the sleepers on backwards...sorry I am not a parent yet! HAHA

stan said...

hey fellow teacher! That's a lot of discipline u have at the gym. I've been trying to get involved in the biathalon for years but nver got down to do it.