Monday, April 6, 2009


Block leave has begun. Great for Gunner, not so great for me when I had to get up to go to work this morning.

Gunner's first day at home with Junior was a huge success. He pottied all day on the potty, and kept his Batman underwear dry....until he pooped. Win some, lose some.

When he was finally in his diaper again and dressed for bed, he stopped playing, asked for his diaper off, and then went potty.

But this smiling face in Batman underoos was too cute.He's in desperate need of a haircut. Maybe I should let Abs practice?

Hit the gym, ran 3 miles.

I'm in the process of signing us up for a 50 mile bike ride. There are two choices and one ends with BBQ and beer, but it is over an hour away. The other is just half an hour away.

Which would you choose?


Kiki said...

I'd do the one closer to you and then just go out and get your own BBQ and beer after!

Junior is too cute, yay for going on the potty!

The Mrs. said...

he is just adorable. really adorable. I wish we were close enough to get the boys together, they would be trouble!

And maybe gunner could potty train -2.

jlc said...

Yay for the 3 miles!! He's adorableeee but I'm sure you know already. ;)

d.a.r. said...

Okay he is just so stinkin' cute!!! And I would definitely go for the beer & BBQ :)

lola said...

He is too freaking cute! :D

Aria said...

He's adorable! Makes me wish that I had a little boy. Or that my oldest was as far along as yours on the potty. I say do the BBQ and beer even if it is farther. Gas isn't that expensive anymore!

Marilyn Sue said...

Always BBQ & Beer. Next time you are near New Braunfels, visit the Gristmill in Gruene for the best BBQ (or the best anything) & the best margarita in Texas!

Anonymous said...

I'm a (insert last name here) - my life revolves around food. There's no question about which I'd pick.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

The BBQ and the beer. And a hotel. Hands down.
Have whoever is watching the kids keep them for the night.



Dave said...

>40 miles = BBQ&Beer. Period.

Anonymous said...

Beer & bbq!