Sunday, April 5, 2009

My confession

I am a packrat.

I get it from my side of the family.

My children are fast following in my footsteps.

I think Gunner has packed it up too, since I went to throw away something totally useless and he balked. I smiled. I threw it away. He laughed and agreed. We don't need it! I'm really trying here.

If we do PCS in a few months, we can't drag all this stuff with us. Do we really need it all? How do I become a minimalist?

The baby stuff won't go with us. The girl clothes that Abs outgrows are going to be gone.

It's time to part with the clothes I don't wear and are too big.

I don't need three hole punches.

Do we need to keep the two printers in the garage? I probably have over 50 pairs of shoes and wear about 10 of them. And don't even get me started on the piles and piles and piles and did I mention.....PILES of TA-50!

I really want a new dining room table, like this.

Realistically I will never spend that much on a table because I have three kids that like to paint, color, and do arts and crafts.

In just two hours today Gunner and I filled the garbage can. We are still way over our weight limit, but it's progress.

At our next house I will not save EVERYTHING. And yes I said that the last hundred times I moved, but I am at my breaking point and over my weight limit.

Clean sweep, it's time to make a call to "The Great Place" and help me purge! you're done......I'll hand you directions to the next house you need to visit!

Oh and if you want the best stir fry recipe, visit Andrea. I am having this for the second time this week. I leave out the rice and add more veggies, but it's w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.


Allison said... is a great way to get rid of that stuff. When I did my first Army move I learned how much junk we had accumulated over the years. It turned out we were WAY below our weight limit but I'm glad I made such an extreme purge. It made a big difference in how I feel about my home.

Brandi said...

You are a TOUGH cookie. I'm a packrat as well, but getting rid of anyting is TOUGH! :D

The Mrs. said...

I second what allison said, freecycle. I'm always amazed at what people will take off your hands on there!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I wonder, every time I move, how we accumulate so much STUFF. We get rid of stuff all.the.time. And yet, we have much more than we use or need.

All I've got to say is, thank God we move often. I would hate to see us if we lived somewhere for longer than 4 years!

Good luck with the purge!

Glad you like the stir fry - it's one of our favorite meals :)


jlc said...

I LOVE pottery barn!!