Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Therapy in the sauna?

I hit the gym today, ran, stepped, lifted, and listened to army wives in the sauna. I didn't even have to turn off my iPOD in order to listen to the not-so-quiet conversation. My blood started to boil, and another woman in there just looked at me and rolled her eyes. I hate army wives that complain about everything, loudly, in public places. Maybe it's just me.

I skipped dinner with the outlaws and opted for a run instead. It's been so beautiful that I am half tempted to run outside, but I always chicken out and head for the treadmill. I know how far I go and how fast I go inside, and I am worried I'd be a slacker outside with no one watching me. Who wants to look like a wimp at the gym?

I recruited several teachers to run or walk the 10K with me this weekend. This led to a creation of a run/walk club which I am now a member. Ummm.....I don't even know if I can run the whole 10K, but they were asking me questions? Oh geez. I told them I buy books on every subject I am interested in, and read, read, read. I'm trading in my guided reading books for how to run a triathlon, the triatheletes bible, a book on increasing your speed in cycling and running as well. Oh and I think I had a book in my cart that was for weight training for runners. I love books. I'll spend the next month pondering over my selections before I click that submit button and make my final order. Gunner just grins and makes room on the bookshelf for the next round of books.

Of course it might have to wait a while since I just ordered three new sports bras. How come they need to be so darn expensive. I have the (insert maiden name here) rack, so I have to buy bras that can keep the girls from knocking me out. I really want a reduction, but who wants to slow down that long? It's on my list of things though. TMI, I know, especially since my brother and Uncle read this blog. (I sure wish my Dad could read everything I write though, he would get a kick out of it all)

Oh and I have a new obsessions with I love their running pants and so I ordered a new pair and two pairs of capris. I was wearing out the washer and dryer, not to mention the one pair that I had.

Gunner and Junior got haircuts today. Potty training is still going strong, but he will not poop. Tonight he did it in the tub, so I guess the silver lining is that at least it was in the bathroom?

Gunner took the kids to eat with his parents while I was at the gym. I came home to find them all playing the wii--yes, we gave in and got one. The girls have decided that game night is much better than movie night. I have to agree! Of course it got Abs wired up and it is 10 pm and I am still hearing strains of opera music coming from her room. I wish I had her energy....and her voice. She's been busy creating vocabulary tests for us at every turn, and her writing has really improved. We are still waiting for the OT referral, but it doesn't look promising. She did graduate from PT though, and it's nice to not have to race out there twice a week, but of course leave it to when Gunner is home, for it to be over!

Gunner finally shaved today.....I bet it was just because we have a run this weekend. He'd look pretty ridiculous with his high and tight and a beard. I'm betting by the end of leave he will be woolly.

Tomorrow is my friday, and the thought of jeans makes me happy, and it's not just the small size on the tag in the jeans, although that helps immensely. It also helps when people stop me to tell me that my pants are baggy, or when I have to hike them up because they are too loose!

Oh, and the giant purge? It will resume this Friday. Anyone need some canning jars?


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I too love to read! Books are addictive! Good luck on running this weekend!

Aria said...

I wish I had your commitment to losing weight. I don't like to run, but I do like to lift weights, I just never seem to be able to find the time. Good luck on the run this weekend!

jlc said...

Good luck on your walk/run you can totally do it!! Espesh if you have fun teachers there supporting you. ;)

And yeah I know what you mean about LOUD complaining army wives. Worst experience ever: At the Hair Salon getting a practice run of my wedding day hair. And a group was ADVISING me to not get married. Saying I looked too young (I was 23) and I probably JUST met my hubby while he was in the army (we've known each other forever since 5th grade!)

Anyways, this woman proceeds to tell me that "Yeah you say you are in love now.... I haven't seen my husband in 9 whole months!! Just wait until your deployment comes!"

Can you believe the nerve?!?!! So here we are at month 12, and I still love my hubby. Surprise!! But yeah, I kinda think this lady was screwing around on the side. She was NOT a happy camper.

Allison said...

Very cool about the walk/run club with teachers. I have issues with "the girls" too. I've always heard wearing two bras helps.

d.a.r. said...

You sound so content :) Good luck on your run/walk, I know you will do so well. And how cool is that that other teachers are coming to you for advise now???

I hate whiny complainers in general. If you have the energy to b*tch about it, do something to change the situation you are in. Get a hobby, join a gym, do something productive with your life. Bleh. I mean, we all have our down days, but the incessant complaining makes my head explode. And I think army wives are the worst!!! It's such an obnoxious victim complex.

The Mrs. said...

here's what I dont get about the loud complaining of military wives in public.... why do you want everyone to know your discontent? Especially since the military is not as big as we all think it is.

as for the reduction, I cant wait to get a lift once I'm done nursing and what not. My mother had a major reduction and really wasnt out of it for that long. And she looks and feels GREAT!

Nikki said...

LOL @ shaving the face finally!

And I don't like complainers in general. Especially in public. It's like people are airing out their business for attention. That happens a lot when people are sitting on their cell phones as well. I tend to be a private person and try not to be a complainer. There are better things I could be doing with my time.