Friday, April 24, 2009

Day off

It was dark this morning, with tons of lightening. Not a drop of rain fell, so I imagine it is waiting until we get to the campsite and then we will have a downpour. We have decided that I will go out tonight, stay all day tomorrow, and then come home after the kids are tucked in so I can grade papers, get everything finished up for school, and work on my big project for my class on the 2nd.

I got an email from Ab's teacher and apparently the sugar cubes were optional and not necessary unless they wanted to bring them. Not the story we received from Abs last night! Oh well, she has them and there are enough there for other children to share so they can each build a giant pyramid. I assume their trip around the world has taken them to Egypt, after just finishing up a trip to Germany. I sure miss Germany!

Chris is headed out to get Em and then drop off the RV at the campsite before returning for the rest of us. He has lunch with Em today since she was citizen of the month. I napped. We road 16 miles this morning and followed it with a 2 mile run--well I did. Gunner can't keep up with me yet, but I am working on him! The run felt good, and I could have gone further if I didn't have to pee so much. Having three kids sure ruined my body in that respect, I have to pee constantly! Good thing they are so cute, and will hopefully take care of me in my old age.

We got clips put on our bike and I found a pair of bike shoes for $30. They are sinfully ugly, and were originally more, but I told him I could pay that much for something so ugly. But, when he offered them for $30, my frugality took over and now I love them. I was so worried that I was going to crash or something while using them, but thankfully it was relatively easy. One less thing to worry about.

I found a disco triathlon, doesn't that sound like fun? In 5th grade I was in love with Andy Gibbs and the Bee Gees. Of course my first tape was the Beatles live in Germany. I can't believe that 40 is just a mere 3 1/2 years away. A few years ago I decided (since Gunner was gone) that we should get to take a trip for our 40th birthdays, somewhere fun and exciting. Gunner's two years older than me, so I guess I better start planning something! Maybe we can time it around jobs, deployments, and my mom's schedule to book her for babysitting and all will be well. Egypt? Thailand? Spain? Somewhere exotic?

I registered for my two classes this summer, and I will be sitting in class during the heat of the day from 11-4, monday-thursday. It could be worse, and the workload can be nothing like it was last summer or this school year, so I am hoping I can drop the kids at daycare in the morning (they have to be there by 8) and then head to the gym for a workout before going to class.

Best laid plans of mice and men....


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I don't know how you juggle everything. I go to work and deal with a deployment. I can't imagine throwing kids into the mix and school.

You are a joke.

Allison said...

Okay. All I could think about when I saw "disco triathlon" and "bee gees" was them playing Staying Alive everytime someone crosses the finish line. It does sound like fun. I vote Egypt or Thailand. Because they seem fabulous and if you're still blogging I can living vicariously through your pictures.

Casey said...

Pick Egypt! Pick Egypt!