Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rain, rain, go away.....

Especially when Gunner is taking us camping again.

I asked him if he wanted to postpone it, but he said "I want my children to remember me taking them camping all the time, not just once". I can't argue with that. They will remember. Let's just hope they can experience it without rain sometime!

Gunner is off doing the grocery shopping now, and I am lying around the house. I should be packing. We were going to grocery shop tomorrow, but Abs tells us at 8:30 tonight that she needs 165 sugar cubes by tomorrow.

Tomorrow is bike ride day. I've got a ton of other stuff to do as well, especially since we have only 6 weeks of school left! I've almost survived a year! In some respects it flew by and other ways it dragged on and on and on.

Junior got booted from daycare for "lesions". I told Gunner in order to make sure that he got an appointment today that he needed to tell the appointment line that Junior had "lesions". He gets an appointment right away and takes Junior in.

The doctor walks in.
Doctor: These aren't lesions.
Gunner: I know that. You know that. Daycare does not.

Junior's getting another referral to the dermatologist and hopefully they can get his itching and scratching under control. He's destroying his poor little arms, legs, and feet.

Junior has also learned the word...terrible. Aww man, this is terrible. Mommy, this is terrible. What can I do, this is terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. It's enough to drive anyone insane, if it wasn't so cute. Of course I don't have to listen to it all day.

We live on post, and don't venture outside in the front yard much. Today we were all out there and off in the distance we heard the ice cream truck. The girls ran to get money and when they got outside, half the neighborhood was out there begging for money so that they could get ice cream. Ummmm....their parents drive nicer cars than I do, carry purses I can't afford, and I have a job! Em got smart and decided it was cheaper to go to the shoppette to get ice cream instead. She's learning!

Wish us luck on our soon to be waterlogged camping adventure.


cj said...

I'll say a prayer for sunshine down your way!

And I have to ask...

165 sugar cubes?? For what?


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Good luck out in the rain! I can't believe he got booted from daycare. Those people need to learn what scratching looks like!

Allison said...

Did you know that is actually rains more on the weekends than on weekdays? Just thought that was a funny fact.

And begging your neighbors for money for ice cream is bad bad bad. I'm surpised... and I shouldn't be.