Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm starting to panic a little bit. I cannot leave Texas until I am done with summer school.

So I need a place to stay until mid-July.

Abs is leaving mid-June to go on her dinosaur expedition with my mom to Utah.

Em will be here with me, but is going to camp for a week right before I am done with school.

Gunner has to sign in early because he has school in KY for 6 weeks from July-August. He might take Junior with him since "supposedly" the daycare information was uploaded to Carson. Let's hope there is room for him or he might be in formation with him.

The inlaws have offered us a place to stay, but seriously, they have 5 HUGE dogs and they (dogs) rule the place, and no one cleans.

We are hoping that there is room in the guest house on post and it is cheap. Local stay by the week places are pricey.

A friend offered her place. Another friend offered her house, but I just hate to impose with a whole crew of people. We will house sit probably our last week here for one of the friends, when I am down to just one child.

We have way too much stuff, and my list of things to take keeps growing and growing.

I am a worrier. Gunner takes it all in stride and doesn't worry, he says because I do enough for the both of us. It drives me nuts that he doesn't worry!

Do I take my school stuff and hope I have a job? I am in the process of filling out the application to teach there, and I have GREAT references from my principal and others, so I am hoping that I can find something. I haven't even brought home everything that I have at school yet. How did I fit so much in my classroom? This week my students are going to help me toss everything I think.

We decided we would give the girls a rubbermaid tote and they could take whatever they could fit in there. Abs came out in tears because she could only fit one of her three feet long dinosaurs in there and she would need to chop of the head. I assured her that her dinosaurs could still go, but that she needed to fit her toys and everything else in there.

Abs came out with her handmade dream catcher and decided it needed to go in a box for breakable things. It's made out of pipecleaners, but I assured her that we would find a way to get it there in one piece. Then Abs found a stash of shoes boxes and started filling them with stuffed animals.

Em got wind of this and decided it wasn't fair that she had half a dozen shoe boxes, so she needed some too.

Then the girls presented us with a plan to make room for their toys. They want to sell all their clothing, use the money to buy material, and Em will sew them all new clothes once they get to Colorado. They are both so excited about this plan, that I told them maybe we could get rid of some and we could use some material I have to make a few things. Em is already designing them. Here's her latest projects from Project Runway II.

So, I am drinking a monster, making lists, checking them twice, and have decided that it will all workout. Worst case scenario, we are over our weight limit and have to pay. I just left a message with my sister to see if she wanted my piano, Gunner took another load to the inlaws and I have boxes and a HUGE pile to go to my mom. She is going to be less than thrilled, especially since she is due back from her worldwind vacation to China, Thailand, and Korea.

Maybe she will be too tired to notice the pile in her living room that I left....


The Mrs. said...

I'd just start moving everything over to your moms, your right she'll probably be tired when she gets home she wont notice. You could also just start sending random boxes filled with random stuff to random people.

ABW said... where did I put your address? LOL

jlc said...

Wish I could offer you our place!


But i'm "kicking" my tenant out June 28th. And shall be here already on the 1st.

Ugh..... I can ask around though?

Gypsy at heart said...

I am back and I wasn't too tired to notice ....LOL...

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Moving is so stressful. It's always so hard to pack things up, get organized and get out. Just think though, you get to do all the unpacking!!!!

Hope you get your summer living situation taken care of.

Sarah the Army Wife said...

Where in KY is your husband going for training? My husband is a master gunner instructor on Ft. Knox.