Monday, June 1, 2009

Highway Robbery

I tried to make a reservation for a hotel and it was more expensive to use a military discount than it was a AAA. Does that make sense? I guess they do the same thing for most airline tickets too, so I shouldn't be too surprised.

Then Gunner went to give notice at the housing office and he asked about getting our house cleaned. When we moved from our old house to the new house, we decided we didn't want to pay the big bucks to get our house cleaned. It would have cost us $320 and in the end after we scrubbed that house from top to bottom, they charged us a $290 cleaning fee. We argued it and the manager said he would have charged us more!

So any money that we get for leaving the house in the middle of the month will go to pay......are you ready for this.......the $390 cleaning fee for this house. After 4 1/2 years here in this house, I won't even attempt to try and please these people. I'm telling you, it's a conspiracy in order to suck you dry. We cleared Germany and Fort Lewis with no problems, so we know it is possible. Very few of our friends have had luck with Hood though. Just seems like a huge ripoff.

I'm on hold with maintenance right now waiting for them to pickup so I can have them out to fix everything wrong with this place. I guess when you think about my lack of repair bills, even when the baby gate pushed into the wall and made holes.....three times.

....We forgot about going to the summer camp orientation for SAS and made it just in time. One more thing to check off the list.

I got a scholarship for summer school. Guess having a 4.0 finally paid off for something!

I am almost all the way packed up at school. It looks so bare in there. Looking back, the year went so fast, even if at times I was pulling out my hair!

I bet the next 6 weeks just fly by.


The Mrs. said...

God bless my husband and all his years of military moves and then the Marine Corps field day (do they call cleaning that in the Army?) when we leave a place he cleans it better then they expect. We've actually had places tell us that they should pay him. I'll send him out your way if you like and you send me the 390 : )

dutchgirl said...

A RACKET. Bigtime.

Last time we lived in housing we had to do the same thing and pay a team... this time since it's privatized they say you don't have to hire anyone and they don't do a white glove inspection... I don't know. It makes me suspicious. They're going to get me somehow I can feel it.

Congrats on the scholarship!

The Undomestic Army Wife said...

It cost me $5 to clear housing at Hood. They charged it because one oven burner wasn't clean enough.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog quite often, its entertaining and what not. But we are leaving Carson right now and have to pay for a cleaning team $273 for a 3 bedroom and carpet cleaning which is $150.

Full of Heart said...

It's always a better deal to use your AAA discount which makes no sense to me either. It's like 'Hi, we value you being a stupid member of a club that isn't much use except to get free maps, weird discounts and towing than the sacrifice for our country." I think if anything they should let you do BOTH discounts. Kind of like on Memorial Day weekend when Lowe's/Home Depot were both offering 10% military discount, but I couldn't get that AND use a $10 off $50 purchase coupon. I chose to use the coupon because it was a better deal. I know that half the point of discounts is to get you to the store, but why even pretend you're honoring the military and not really give the discounts?
Strange. Sorry for the rant...