Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Gunner put Junior in the tub, where he climbed up on the sides while Gunner filled the tub with water. He grabbed his parts, and proceeded to pee and laugh hysterically. Great.

After the bath:
Me: Sweetie why did you pee in the tub?
Jr: Ummmm.....it's fun.
Me: It's gross!
Jr: No, I'm not gross.
Me: Why did you poop in the tub (which is what followed after the peeing incident)
Jr: It was small poop.
Me: Where are you supposed to go to the bathroom?
Jr: In the toilet.
Me: Don't you want to wear underwear?
Jr: No, I don't like wunder-wear. It's terrible.
Me: Why is it terrible?
Jr: It's just BOR-ING!

He says boring just like his sisters. Lucky us!

Fast forward to today...

I get a text today from Gunner. It said "Jr getting booted from daycare for lesions again. Can u get him?"

I had just dropped off my students, so I said I would and ran over to grab him. I went in.

Me: (seeing his form that HAS to be signed by a doctor) It's the same thing he got sent home for two weeks ago. (said to no one in particular)
Kim: (Jr's main provider) YOU haven't even SEEN him. Just WAIT! (said with major attitude)
Me: (Junior runs up) Hey sweetie!

I put Junior on top of a low bookcase and lift his shirt

Kim: See the lesions?
Me: Ummmm.....no. I see where he fell in the sand, he wasn't cleaned up, and the sand irritated his skin. He has very sensitive skin.
Acting director: Right here, these are lesions.
Me: You're kidding right? It's eczema. Are you trained to determine what a lesion is?
AD: I have been through a training.
Me: It wasn't a very good one.
Me: I'll rush him to the er and tell them he is covered in lesions, they will get a good laugh.

So we took him to the er, where sure enough we sat for hours for them to laugh and laugh when they saw him. They said it was eczema and there wasn't a lesion on that boy. They said continue current treatment, signed our paperwork and sent us on our way.

I'm disgusted. What a waste of my time.

We cooked dinner, put the kids to bed, and I went for a swim.

1.5 days till school is out, and then I have to work that half day on Saturday. I can't wait. They have already hired my replacement, I guess I better get working harder on a job in Colorado!

I did figure out how to make TO DO lists and email them to Gunner from my iPhone.

I am sure he will be THRILLED that I have learned how to do this. He always says I make lists of lists, and now I can share each and every one of them with him.

Another round of homecomings here at Hood. It's so nice to see my friends back with their Soldiers!!!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

What is up with that daycare?!?!? Everyday their calling you guys about something ridiculous!

The Mrs. said...

God bless you for tolerating those idiots!

Mama Nut said...

You're funny. You handled it well, I would have told the day-care peep where to go... well, ok, maybe I wouldn't. But I would so think about it.

Love your blog, I found it through the blog vine... :)

Uncle Dan said...

I can write to y'all again. The computer has been crashing for the past several weeks and I took it for a tune up. Low and behold it works!

jlc said...

From one teacher to another --- CONGRATS!!