Saturday, May 23, 2009

Triathlon here we come!

I met my running/walking group from school this morning for another 5K. It's really neat to see all the people that said there was no way they were going to run a 5K or workout or anything, getting out there and moving! There is one girl, who never works out, who just completed her second race. Her husband has the biggest smile on his face, full of pride, as he runs in with her each time, it just melts my heart!

I did okay on the 5K, nothing too outrageous as my friend and I were going to do our practice tri. We headed over to the lake, and the water was freezing! After arranging with a fisher-family to keep an eye on us, we headed out. Ummmm.....I am a strong swimmer, but I did not like my face in the water. My friend was paddling away, and I was doing the sidestroke. She would turn to breathe and I would ask her if it was time to turn around. Then she started laughing because I was floating along and staying ahead of her and coming back around. I finally put my head in the water and it wasn't too bad. I probably would have felt better about it if there were more people out there with us. Plus there was a no swimming sign, and I'm kind of a rules girl. On the way back I did fine, and I was over my fear...sort of...but stayed with my friend cause I wasn't about to be separated and have something happen, even if we had our fisher-family watching us.

We ran in from the swim, transitioned to the bike and took off. I was not doing well with my clips for some reason. I make it up the huge hill, into the ride a few miles, and I look down because I stop moving. My chain had popped off, and I panicked. I was trying to figure out what to do, I couldn't unclip, and over I went......right into the gravel. My friend's husband was following us, and he hopped out and came over. I just put my hands over my face and told myself not to cry! He got me to move my foot to make sure it was okay and then he unclipped me and got the bike off me. He helped me up and fixed my bike for me, I wiped off the blood with a towel and hopped back on. The rest of the almost 12 mile bike ride was uneventful, thank goodness! I did switch back to my tennis shoes and I am having Gunner drop my bike at the shop to get my old pedals put back on! I don't want to do that again for a little while. Funny thing is that I haven't fallen like that in a long time and this was my first time with the clips, but it scared me enough that I am good for a while. Oh well.

We finished up the ride, dropped the bikes and ran or at that point shuffled for a mile. We were proud, happy, and tired. Our first tri is in 15 days, and I feel good about it....and hopefully their lake is a little bit more inviting to me than the one here!

So now I know I can do the entire thing, and I am sure my adrenaline will kick in and keep me going as well.

This week: training x2, swimming, gym, running x4, 50 mile bike ride on Saturday, 10K obstacle course on Sunday. Oh yeah, and a ball on Wednesday night! My friend told me to wear my road rash with honor--my dress has spaghetti straps, so I am sure I will make a lovely impression.

The girls and I are going to have to go get pedicures this week, so maybe Monday? And if it ever stops raining, I want to load up the kids and take them for a bike ride. Pretty soon it will be so hot here we won't want to do anything outside!

Junior was running around yesterday with a blue fairy wand, a green vest and a pink glove on courtesy of his sister--"I'm a witch!". His birthday is coming up, I see army trucks in his future...

P.S. It's storming and Em is camping. Poor baby!

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