Friday, May 22, 2009

Where did the day go?

I took off today so that I could take Ab's to her doctor appointment that we have been waiting for, forever. I got up and the phone rang.....her doctor canceled, again. I was furious! I tried not to shoot the messenger, and I managed to get across how much we needed to see the doctor. She understood my urgency thankfully. Of course the doctor didn't get that, so I ended up calling back this afternoon, and she put me on hold so she could call the doctor at home. The doctor finally called me back, and we got things straightened out with Abs. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing for my baby girl now.

We did manage to return the RV to Gunner's parents and try out the new mexican restaurant in the mall. It was okay. I LOVE mexican food. My plate was hot but my food was not. My taco was stale, and rice and beans didn't come with the meal. I would at least try it again before I would veto it altogether.

I got my bike shoes adjusted, and almost fell over in the car wash parking lot while the guy came out to watch me try them out. Smooth move. I forgot I was clipped in and put on the brakes.

Oh, and my big news??? After lunch we ran down to Victoria's Secret so I could get fitted for a new bra. The girls finally shrunk! About time!!! I also had to buy new jeans so I would have some that weren't falling off of me.....Take my original size and divide by 2 and you have my new size! Hard to believe!!! I still eat, but I make much better choices, and my fudge this morning to top off my breakfast didn't hurt. (One of my parents made homemade fudge for me and homemade peanut butter cups....yum!) Tonight it is a jaunt on the trainer to make sure my shoes are okay, and tomorrow a 5K. After the 5K my training partner and I are going to run a triathlon by ourselves just to try it out. The swim is still up in the air, depending on the temp of the water. We are also hoping that it doesn't rain!

No wonder I fall into bed exhausted each night!


The Mrs. said...

Congrats on the girls shrinking! mine are going in the opposite direction but I suppose there is a reason.

Keep up the great work!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

See, while you want yours to shrink I want mine to grow!!

Anonymous said...

You still have a "rack", though, I'm sure. Great news on the tri and weight loss!!!

Allison said...

That is a lot of great news! Except for the mexican restaurant. That's too bad. But everything from successful running to halving your dress size to homemade fudge? Near perfection!