Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Already?

I don't know how it is Tuesday already. Days are just flying by.....way too fast.

Gunner made me sit down with him and put all my information on his calendar. After we got done, he just looked at me, sat down and asked me if I knew how busy I was. The thought has crossed my mind as I race from one event to another. But, I didn't have time to dwell on it as I needed to blog and write a 10 page paper after playing with the kids.

I've got a killer headache that I just can't shake. My training partner and I skipped out on the pool today. I'm falling behind at work because I leave right after school is out. It's not horrible, but I did have a pile of papers to grade and get entered. I wanted to make sure I had everything planned out for grades for the rest of the 9 weeks, and I wanted to make sure that I had enough "hands on" stuff available. It's the end of the year, the kids get a little crazy, and sometimes we just need to change things up so that we can keep it interesting to them.

We had a great Mother's Day. I was up at 6 and couldn't sleep anymore. That was not in the cards.

I worked my second job. We went to Panera for lunch. Hit up REI, wandered over to Whole Foods, and ended up with a 12 mile bike ride and a whole red snapper for dinner.

Gunner almost got run over on the bike ride. Thankfully it was him that they almost hit because he has the training to be calm, react, and then move on. A car was barreling down the road and Gunner was going straight, the other direction. The truck tried to turn in front of him, realized that they wouldn't make it, and slammed their brakes on, and hit gravel.

So Gunner puts his hand on the car as all this was happening to push off from him and get out of his way since he was clipped in. He kept his cool, he was fine. The driver was terrified though. If this had been me, I would have panicked, tried to unsuccessfully unclip, probably run into the truck before he ran into me and been dead.

......Realized I didn't post this yesterday. I start training again tonight. We are doing speedwork tonight, which should be fun? Okay, I am hoping at least.

School is crazy and I am swamped. Kids are great. 5K this weekend. 5k next weekend and my training partner and I are going to do a practice triathlon followed by a Starbucks visit. Sounds good to me!

And we got orders....real orders...paper ones.


Photina said...

You are busy. Especially with a move coming up. I am glad Gunner is okay and nothing happened. Good luck with the training and 5Ks.

Megan said...

Wow. You are one busy woman! Glad Gunner is ok. Yay for (real) orders!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Time is flying! It's not just you. It's going crazy fast!!!

Way to keep training!