Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another weekend

No traveling this weekend. My friend Dave came in Saturday and bought us Pei Wei for dinner. I think I am addicted and it's so much cheaper than PF Chang's!

Junior started his antibiotics. His eczema is gone......I mean everything is gone. Not a sore. Not a spot, not a mark. We see the BRILLIANT dermatologist on Thursday and then begin bleach baths to help keep everything going the way it is. (The bleach is minimal and he said it's like chlorine in the pool.) For the first time in over three years, my son is not scratching his skin off, being miserable, or being coated in anything other than aquaphor. He walks around telling everyone "My eczema all better!". I sure hope we are done, done, done with this crap.

Army Wives--I think they would have escorted Pamela out, but I can't wait to see what next week holds.

Our dryer stopped working. Luckily we managed to figure out what it was, but no parts were available here, and the store that did have it in stock was closed on Sunday. Are we living in Germany? I found the part online for cheaper and hopefully it will be here in the next few days. No dryer while potty training Junior, is a mess. Abs offered to construct a clothes line in the backyard, but it rains every day here, so I can't imagine the clothes would get very dry, but I appreciate the thought.

Abs story--my friend Dave got up this morning and heard Abs say "hi". He couldn't find her anywhere. He went into the kitchen and found the tub of cookie dough on the floor, open, and Abs had gone the other direction and crawled into his bed on the couch. He picked up the cookie dough, closed it, and put it on the counter. Gunner asked her if she was eating cookie dough, and she said nope, and then looked at Dave like he was the guilty party.

No big plans tomorrow other than a pedicure at least. I've got my readings all printed out, and ready to be highlighted, marked on, and summarized. I downloaded Perrla and am ready to have an easier time with all the APA formatting. I was killing myself trying to do it all on my own, and my friends assure me that this is a lifesaver!

I didn't run all weekend, time to get back in the groove this week. Can't wait for the 4 day weekend this weekend, I better start planning!


Anonymous said...

Could you get one of those folding laundry horses? They're really cheap, they fold up to next to nothing and they're really easy to move around, so you can store it in a corner, put it outside while it's sunny and grab it in at the first sign of rain to let the clothes finish drying indoors.

Allison said...

I know its going to be hard to resist because he's made you so happy, but don't promise to name your next child after jrs dermitologist.

I am very happy that he's finally getting good help. Poor guy.