Friday, September 25, 2009


I was imagining that it would be a relaxing day.

So far the garbage disposal broke and my sinks are about to overflow so I am bailing water. 

Abs threw up in the living room--did I mention I love having hardwoods?--but she seemed okay after that.  Abs is the queen of throw up once and then be fine the rest of the day.  She wanted to go to school, so off she went.  Hopefully she will be okay.  She always throws up once when she has strep, but she had her tonsils out and she said her throat felt a little okay.  Who knows. 

I've got papers to write, appointments to make, bags to pack, laundry to do and now I am waiting on the maintenance man.  I hope he works fast!

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Uncle Dan said...

Another day in the life of ABW!