Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The sickness begins

Junior had a fever, so I took him up to the acute clinic and he has strep.  We spent yesterday napping and relaxing.  It was wonderful.  He was fine today, and I hope that the rest of us don't get it!

I have a meeting with Em's school tomorrow about the classes that she is taking.  Apparently military kids get lumped into the bottom classes and then if they see any noticeable discrepancies, then they will move them.  That's insane, both from a parent's perspective and that of a teacher.  Hopefully we will be able to reach a resolution quickly.

I did find a school that they are trying to get a charter that will service gifted and talented students.  Hopefully it will be a go and it will workout the remainder of our time here.

I'm studying, blogging, and watching P.S. I Love You.  I love netflix.

We had some snow today but still not enough to stick.  Abs still wore snow boots today and she came back when she tried to walk to the bus and told me it was snowing entirely too hard.  It was small flakes barely coming down, but I drove her to school so she could have breakfast.

I had to break down and go to the commissary today because we were totally out of food.  Noodles and pesto didn't sound appetizing to the girls for breakfast.  Thank goodness they serve breakfast at school!

It's almost time for Em to home and the great homework spectacle to begin at our house.  Even Junior wants to do homework, wonder how long that will last!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Uh oh sorry to hear that he's sick! Hope no one else catches it.

Allison said...

They lump the military kids in the lower classes???? The F is that about? Makes me a bit cross...

I hope no one else gets strep.

ABW said...

Yeah, don't get my started on the subject. This is what I get for living in a liberal state!

jlc said...

Oh no!!! Take care of yourself hun and the fam! Hubbs just contracted swine flu today... apparently it's going around Fort Hood like crazy!

Uncle Dan said...

Take care that the home work time runs well as it only gets harder and takes more time every year.

Does Em have to carry her books back and forth to school? Ca does and they weigh around 60 lbs. Things have changed.

The Mrs. said...

lumping military kids together thats insane?! you know test scores show that military kids actually test higher then those of mere civilians. : ) yuppers go throw that one at them. I worked with DoDEA at WP for a couple of years and we had a lot of REALLY bright kiddos.

hope your little one is back to full strength soon.

dutchgirl said...

I have heard several military wives here gush about how great the schools are, and I have to say that the more I learn the LESS I think so. Gotta wonder what they're comparing to. Hopefully the new school will work out.

Lots of get well vibes for everybody!!