Friday, September 25, 2009

We survived

Abs wanted to go to school, and since she often throws up for no apparent reason, I sent her off and waited for the call.  Her school doesn't have a nurse (which seems really weird to me) and Abs called me at 11 and said she felt bad.  I went up there to check her out, and she came bounding down the hall. She looked fine, acted fine, and then confessed that her tummy hurt because she was hungry.

Of course there was no snack machine, so I found the apple I cut for Junior in the car and fed her that.

Me:  Here's an apple Abs.
Abs:  It's brown.
Me:  It's food, and it's not brown, that's your perception.
Abs:  Well it looks brown to me.
Me:  Just eat it.
Abs:  (pointing to the brown part) See, that's brown.
Me:  Looks fine to me, remember it's about perception.

She studied it for a while, ate it, and then bounded back to class.  Crisis averted.

I picked Junior up from daycare and he had had three accidents.  I made him carry his bags of clothes out, and he told me that they were too heavy.  I insisted and he wrestled those three bags of wet clothes out to the car.  We got home and he hauled them inside and put them on top of the washer.  I had him go potty.  Then potty again.  Then he had another accident.  His problem is that he hasn't figured out how to empty his bladder all at once.  What's the secret?

After dinner he was sitting on my lap, and Junior told me he wanted to marry me.  :)  I told him that he had to be potty trained before he could ever think about marriage (and college too, but I'll push that later).  He hopped up, went and sat on his potty for a while.  He stood up and announced "I peed and I have a HUGE turd!"  We all cheered and danced and then Junior came over and asked me to marry him again. 

Tomorrow I leave for Denver to visit my friend Dave, see my sister, and attend the beer fest!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Well it sounds like the potty training has finally started to kick in with him!

sfpm said...

one of my friends told me that her husband got part of the potty training done with both their boys by teaching them to pee against a tree outside...interesting concept, just hope they then learned how to not get it all over the floor.

Have fun in Denver and at the beer fest!

Brandi said...

That is so sweet!!! Looks like he REALLY wanted to marry his Mommy that day! Things like that make me wish I had a sweet little boy ... but mostly I'm just thrilled to have girls. I find them mostly easy as compared to boys (in my experience) and that I relate to them better. Junior sure sounds like a little sweetheart ...