Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve in our house...

As I was writing the title, she ran upstairs and left a screaming Junior downstairs.  We ran to the basement and found that she was upset with him and had left him in the dark.  Not cool.  She is sitting in time out.

Yesterday Abs went outside to take Sammy for a walk.

Gunner went to check on her....

Gunner:  Abs....Abs....
Abs:  Yes?
Gunner:  Sammy is not a sled dog.  He is not going to pull you around the neighborhood.
Abs:  Oh man.

The spirit of the season has possessed her. 

After her bath, the bathroom looked like this:

 Em forgot to put up her shampoo and conditioner. 

Will we ever get a break?  We called 1-877-HI-NORAD and the nicest volunteer answered and let us know where Santa was, when he was expected in our area, and Abs started in with the questions.

Abs:  I have a dog, will Santa be scared?
Man:  Nope, he likes dogs and all dogs like him.
Abs:  Will Santa come even if my dog is awake?
Man:  He'll come as long as all the boys and girls are tucked into bed.
Abs:  How do you know that?
Man:  Santa let us know!
Abs:  My dog likes to to lick people.
Man:  Santa won't mind.
Abs:  Are you sure?
Man:  Yep, he is friends with all the dogs and cats.

She had a bout a dozen more questions, and I finally had to chase her off the phone.  Then I had sent a video complete with her name, hair color, eye color, and that she was working on not throwing tantrums.  My little firecracker was mesmerized.

Surprisingly, this helped calm her down after she pretended to ride her cardboard house and ask for volunteers to help her break horses.  While she was in her room at one point, I was in our room wrapping presents.  I heard Abs through the vent, so I stared talking to her and telling her to hold it down.  She got really upset and started screaming, wanting me out of the heater.  Junior latched on to this and got upset because "Mommy is in the heater!". 

I'm opening the wine.

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Megan said...

I don't blame you opening up the wine! My kids were so excited about Santa coming, but I didn't know you could call NORAD about Santa! So doing this next year. Its adorable that your kids got upset about you being "in the heater". Kids say the darndest things!