Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Gunner's present has NOT arrived.  I'm not too happy, but at least my neighbors will be home next week in case it decides to come.

Since it was supposed to snow Tuesday night, what else would we do but hit the pool.  Abs took her swim test to get the green band and passed!  She had tried several times and so it was a long time coming.  When we got to the front of the building to turn in her lock and band to get her id, she had this conversation.

Abs:  Maybe you didn't notice, but I am turning in a green band instead of the yellow one.
Guy:  Great!  Congratulations!
Abs:  Yeah, so do you want to make an announcement about it over the loud speaker or something?
Guy:  We don't usually do that, but I will change it in the computer so that you when you swipe in, they'll know right away that you need a green band!

Thank goodness he was nice and made a big deal about it, because she was so proud of herself!

Em and I had a day out and went and got our hairs cut yesterday.  She got a cute razor cut, and I had mine trimmed and straightened.  How much can you really do with a pile of ringlets?

I started sewing gift bags for Christmas, in order to maybe, possibly, save some time next year when Gunner is deployed.  The key is that I got the idea and I started.  I now have piles of fabric on the kitchen table and Gunner looking at me funny every time I come up with something else to do.

Today Gunner and I are going to head out with Junior to spend two of our Heroes at Home gift certificates.   Can't wait! 

Gingerbread houses were marked down to $3 so we picked up two more so that each of the kids can eat their own make their own.  That's on the list of things to do today. 

The list that keeps growing and growing and growing.  My brother and his family will be here tomorrow and my little sister and her kids are arriving tomorrow night.  Then all of us are meeting my mom and my older sister and her kids at the Christmas cabin.  15 will definitely be interesting!  Actually, I am really looking forward to it, and I am not just being nice because they read my blog saying that!

Merry Christmas Eve!  (And another Abs story to come later today when I have more time!)

P.S.  Not all my Christmas cards have gone out, but I want all of Ab's hard work to stand out, so if you get it after Christmas, that's why.  :)

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Uncle Dan said...

Where's the Christmas Cabin?

A Christmas like tho one in Galveston several years ago, get lots of pictures.