Thursday, December 24, 2009

Junior's Christmas Eve

Gunner and I needed to hit the mall, so we took Junior with us since the girls had no interest in venturing out in the cold and snow.  It really wasn't that bad, and the mall was practically empty.

We tried to find something specific, but it wasn't available there, but we walked around for a bit.  We rarely have Junior by ourselves, and I think he loved being an "only child" for a few hours.

First we had to convince him to get dressed, which was no easy feat.  Next, Gunner tried to talk him out of wearing the "monkey on his back".

Yes, it's a bear.  We compromised and he just had to take it out of his shirt in the carseat, and then got to put it back up his shirt at the mall. 

We rode every "alligator".

At one point in Sears, he let go of my hand, I looked down, and he was turning and fell before I could catch him.  Gunner was three steps back and broke his fall, but he cried and we had half the store surrounding us.  He was crying and everyone was asking if he was okay and he kept saying "Can you see I'm hurt?" while sobbing on one of the beds.  Poor kiddo.  It happened so fast.  After that he still wanted to ride, but clung to our hands and refused to look anywhere but straight ahead.

There was a Christmas play-land.

A coin operated train.

A larger train.

And the boy kept asking for a run to Starbucks the whole time.  He loves the cold hot chocolate with whipped cream. 

We finally managed to use our gift certificates and get a family present that will be a big hit tomorrow.  Gunner just ran out to get more batteries.  More pics to come of our afternoon adventures...

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Julie said...

Man you are making me miss the Merry Christmas to you guys :)