Monday, March 29, 2010

This is my family

Meet Gunner. He is easy-going, a hands on father, and loves the outdoors.

There's Abs. Always squinting. Wearing mismatched clothing and earrings, because she's decided that always matching doesn't release her creative side.

Em, Em, Em. She was irritated that I made her take sunglasses off. Twelve going on 23.

Junior--Always a ham. Learning to stand up for himself. Loves having his own camelbak.

Sammy the dog. He went crazy at every person and dog he saw. He either needs to be socialized more, or he was trying to tell the other dogs to save him.

Me--Taking the picture as usual.

Picture taken at Garden of the Gods.
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The Mrs. said...

beautiful family!

Uncle Dan said...

A matching set, all of you.

Uncle Dan said...

When Karen was little she also squinted, one day I asked her why and her answer was, "I thanks to you I have blue eyes." So it looks as if that's your kids problem also.

Julie the Army Wife said...

Love the picture :)

Gypsy at heart said...

Is this the way Gunner walks the dog?